What I’ve Gained

When I finally broke free from my disordered eating, I gained the life that I didn’t realize I’d been missing. As recently as a few years ago, my life was consumed by negative thoughts about myself and my body. I was constantly on a mission to lose. I thought if I lost weight, I’d be … Continue reading What I’ve Gained


Community Essays: I Weigh

Submissions from the Lane 9 Project community, in response to our January writing prompt “I Weigh”.    I am inherently valuable because I exist. And it has absolutely nothing to do with what I weigh.   By Laila Drury Technically speaking, I weigh an arbitrary amount measured in pounds or kilograms, or “good” or “bad.” I … Continue reading Community Essays: I Weigh

Community Essays: My Self Care Resolution

Submissions from the Lane 9 Project community, in response to our December writing prompt "My Self Care Resolution".  By Calesse Smith This year has been a year of saying  Yes to some things, and No to others. Sometimes, it seems easier to say yes to everyone and everything because to say no would be letting … Continue reading Community Essays: My Self Care Resolution