March Community Essays: Dear Food

For our March writing prompt we partnered with Julie Duffy Dillon and her Love, Food Podcast. Below is a small collection of some responses from our community. Dear Food, I write this letter to you as I am eating a cinnamon raisin bagel covered in veggie cream cheese (don't bash it till you try it). … Continue reading March Community Essays: Dear Food


Community Essays: What I’ve Gained

This is a collection of essays from our community in response to our February writing prompt "What I've Gained". We received many submissions this month, so please note that although we were unable to include them all, we've read and been touched by every single one.  By Calesse Smith Since truly committing to recovery, I have … Continue reading Community Essays: What I’ve Gained

Community Essays: I Weigh

Submissions from the Lane 9 Project community, in response to our January writing prompt “I Weigh”.    I am inherently valuable because I exist. And it has absolutely nothing to do with what I weigh.   By Laila Drury Technically speaking, I weigh an arbitrary amount measured in pounds or kilograms, or “good” or “bad.” I … Continue reading Community Essays: I Weigh

Community Essays: My Self Care Resolution

Submissions from the Lane 9 Project community, in response to our December writing prompt "My Self Care Resolution".  By Calesse Smith This year has been a year of saying  Yes to some things, and No to others. Sometimes, it seems easier to say yes to everyone and everything because to say no would be letting … Continue reading Community Essays: My Self Care Resolution