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When we launched Lane 9 Project, our focus was honed in on education and awareness. While those two things remain key to our vision, we’ve worked hard to be flexible, open, and responsive to the needs of our community. What started as a small group run at the local coffee shop is now a growing movement and conversation on a very important topic. We’re happy to be talking.

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Here are some of the programs we have started in the last year, along with opportunities for your involvement:

Virtual Community 

Looking for a community? Looking for a little extra support in your ED/amenorrhea recovery? If you’re active (or not at the moment!) and you like other lady-friends, we made a thing for you! Come on in and join us.

The virtual community is a private group within which women can seek support from fellow women. It is a judgment-free, safe space to discuss all things female health and running. Your opinions and positions may vary from others’ in the group, and that’s okay.

Join the community!  

Share your Story Events

A key part of our mission is to help others take charge of their narratives. Since our inception, we’ve been opening up, sharing our stories, and helping the women and men of our community do the same. This year, we hosted our first live, in-person Share your Story event. We sent out a request for your stories and selected a small group of courageous women to open up with us in an intimate setting with open hearts, minds, and complementary snacks. Would you like to host a Share your Story event in your town? Let us know, and we can help you get one started!

Monthly Writing Prompts

We believe there is power in sharing our stories. Whether they be stories of triumph, hardship, fear, or humility, there’s something powerful in discovering our truth through the written word.

With some inspiration from Oiselle’s Run-Read-Write Party in March, we’re sharing monthly writing prompts to help you share your story. Here’s how it works:

We’ll provide a prompt each month, and you can use it how you like. Each prompt will have some writing guidelines, but you do you. We’d love to see what you’re writing — share it with us on social media, in our virtual community, or as a contributing post on our Medium Page or blog. If you’d like your writing to be featured, send it our way for consideration.


Start a timer for five minutes. Get your pen going as soon as the timer starts, and see what happens. Just keep writing .No judgment, no erasing, no going back. “Stay in the room.” When the timer is up, you can keep going, leave it unfinished, rip it to shreds, or come back to it later. Write your truth. You don’t have to share this with anyone (but you can share it with us!).

Come write with us!

Ambassador Program

The Ambassador Program is currently on pause, but we will restart this program in the near future.

The Lane 9 Project Ambassador Program aims to provide women the opportunity to foster a local tribe — to create a safe space for active women to come together and share stories in their own backyards. Our selected ambassadors host monthly gatherings with their local communities and provide a safe space for local women to come together, share stories, and find their tribes. We’ll be accepting applications for this project in the future.

Want to get involved?

Want to get involved in the Lane 9 Project? We’re always seeking help, insight, and wisdom from the women and men of our community. Have an idea? Let us know, and we’ll be in touch.


Click to join our bi-weekly Lane 9 Project newsletter for resources, virtual community, and event updates.