9 Miles With Running Coach and Eating Disorder Awareness Advocate, Mary Johnson

Mary struggled with an eating disorder in high school and as a college athlete. She’s recovered—coaching and inspiring others to do the same.

The danger of ‘sick enough’

I suffered in silence and I recovered alone because in my mind I was never “sick enough” to ask for help. As I began to share the story of my eating disorder, I grappled with what to call it. I struggled to call it an eating disorder, not because I was ashamed but because I … Continue reading The danger of ‘sick enough’

College Athletes: The help you need is right where you need it

L9P Community Post: Samantha Thierry The number one fear I find working with athletes is “the dietitian will pull me from my sport, I don’t want to talk to them.” I’m writing to the student athletes here, to let you know that it’s 100% okay to talk to a dietitian, or even another individual in … Continue reading College Athletes: The help you need is right where you need it

Running to Recover: Heather’s Story

During my final semester of college, I ran myself out of an eating disorder. I didn’t run away. I didn’t run just to burn calories. I didn’t run because it made me sweat. I didn’t even enjoy running for a long time. But in January of 2008, I decided to run for 13.1 miles (a … Continue reading Running to Recover: Heather’s Story

Running through Female Athlete Triad: Heather’s Story

I fill out the health history forms, quickly making my way through the list of pre-existing conditions, checking “No” for everything. No asthma, no high blood pressure, no chronic back pain. I’m 18 years old. I’ve played sports for most of my life, I happen to like a lot of fruits and vegetables (except tomatoes), … Continue reading Running through Female Athlete Triad: Heather’s Story