The taper goes both ways

Anyone who has run a marathon, a half marathon, or pretty much any race, has probably tapered. We taper down to an event, running less and slower, so that on race day our legs are fresh and ready to go. After the big day, however, it can seem like you’ve entered into another race — a race … Continue reading The taper goes both ways

Summer Slow Down

Summer running putting a damper in your training? SAME. Heat Rewind to early spring: I was feeling great. Long runs were a breeze, workouts flew by, and easy runs actually felt easy. Then, the humidity hit. If you’ve spent even a moment in D.C. during the summer, you know I’m not exaggerating when I say … Continue reading Summer Slow Down

What happens when amenorrhea strikes twice

L9P Community Post: Annie Allbee I’m in my mid-twenties. I’m married. I’m a marathon runner and a dietitian. I’ve struggled with amenorrhea twice in my life. The first time I had amenorrhea was at the age of 18. I thought I was being super healthy before going to college, but I now realize I had what … Continue reading What happens when amenorrhea strikes twice

9 Miles with: Kelly Roberts

In 2014, Kelly Roberts made headlines running the New York City Half while snapping selfies with unsuspecting hot dudes along the way. Urged on by others, Kelly capitalized on the moment and created her blog Run, Selfie, Repeat. Before long, Kelly had become a beacon for body positivity and an inspiration to everyone around her. Kelly states that … Continue reading 9 Miles with: Kelly Roberts