April Community Essay: Release

This month, as I recover from my latest race, I’m focusing on releasing myself from the comparison trap that's so easy to fall into. I'm ignoring the 21 miler I saw someone recovering from the same race post to Instagram today and the half marathon PR posted by someone else. Instead, I'm doing what’s best … Continue reading April Community Essay: Release


Controlling the Demon

This is an anonymous post written by a Lane 9 Project contributor. Names have been changed to respect the privacy of family members. “I’m not Emily! I’m not Emily!” Brett screamed hysterically over and over again until I moved my backpack, my books, and physically removed myself from the room. Suddenly...everything had changed. Brett needed … Continue reading Controlling the Demon

It was supposed to be easy, Community Post

L9P Community Post: Julia Werth Lane 9 Project's May 2018 Writing Prompt: It was supposed to be easy... It was supposed to be easy. It really was. It was just a snack, not even a full meal. How many times in my life had I simply grabbed two pieces of bread, popped them in the … Continue reading It was supposed to be easy, Community Post