Let’s Get Real

November 8th, 2016. It was a dreary day, literally and figuratively. After a long, somber workday, I rushed off to a local coffee shop to meet an area dietitian. We were meeting so I could interview her and fulfill an assignment for a grad school class of mine. Frankly, I was not looking forward to it. Not … Continue reading Let’s Get Real


Running toward healing

This post is contributed by Polly Balogh, running the ninth lane in Sahuarita, Arizona. I can’t recall a time when sports or running were not a part of my life. My love/hate relationship with running began when I was 11 years old. Isn’t it hard to love something so much, but not want to do it, … Continue reading Running toward healing

Finding Resilience

This is part of Lane 9 Project’s essay series; an anonymous essay of recovery, reconnecting with yourself, and running. We welcome all forms of expression, story-telling, and connecting. If you want to share, anonymously or otherwise, we want to help. The day before the Drake Relays steeplechase, I went out to dinner with my teams’ throwers. … Continue reading Finding Resilience