April Community Essay: Release

This month, as I recover from my latest race, I’m focusing on releasing myself from the comparison trap that's so easy to fall into. I'm ignoring the 21 miler I saw someone recovering from the same race post to Instagram today and the half marathon PR posted by someone else. Instead, I'm doing what’s best … Continue reading April Community Essay: Release

January Prompt: I Weigh

What I weigh is so much more than a number, it is all the beautiful people, things, and challenges that make me a whole and worthy person.

When What’s “Healthy” Isn’t Healthy At All

L9P Community Post: Grace Jemison I’ve always been good at being “good.” I enjoyed talking with adults when I was a child. I wanted to read chapter books by the time I was four. I was the star of the kindergarten plays. By the time one hits middle school, expectations are set about what it … Continue reading When What’s “Healthy” Isn’t Healthy At All

College Athletes: The help you need is right where you need it

L9P Community Post: Samantha Thierry The number one fear I find working with athletes is “the dietitian will pull me from my sport, I don’t want to talk to them.” I’m writing to the student athletes here, to let you know that it’s 100% okay to talk to a dietitian, or even another individual in … Continue reading College Athletes: The help you need is right where you need it