April Community Essay: Release

This month, as I recover from my latest race, I’m focusing on releasing myself from the comparison trap that's so easy to fall into. I'm ignoring the 21 miler I saw someone recovering from the same race post to Instagram today and the half marathon PR posted by someone else. Instead, I'm doing what’s best … Continue reading April Community Essay: Release


I See The Finish Line: A July Prompt Compilation

Our July writing prompt was, "I see the finish line". The following is a collection of responses we have received from Lane 9 Project community members. Please enjoy the following responses and if you haven't already, write your own! You will find our August prompt at the end of this post. by Joelle Zarcone I … Continue reading I See The Finish Line: A July Prompt Compilation

REST for rest’s sake

The saying goes something like “you gain fitness when you rest,” so athletes are routinely encouraged to rest up. It’s part of your fitness-gaining! Don’t skip it! And don’t wait until you’re injured to rest—it’s part of injury prevention! When I worked with a running coach, my full rest days were few and far between … Continue reading REST for rest’s sake

26.2 Miles of Lessons: From Hopkinton to Boston

This isn’t the Boston Marathon story I hoped I’d be telling, but that’s okay. It’s a Boston Marathon story, and that in itself, is a privilege. This time four years ago my collegiate running career was coming to a close. I was unhappy, tired, and despised running. As I walked across campus one picture perfect April … Continue reading 26.2 Miles of Lessons: From Hopkinton to Boston