Controlling the Demon

This is an anonymous post written by a Lane 9 Project contributor. Names have been changed to respect the privacy of family members. “I’m not Emily! I’m not Emily!” Brett screamed hysterically over and over again until I moved my backpack, my books, and physically removed myself from the room. Suddenly...everything had changed. Brett needed … Continue reading Controlling the Demon

I see the finish line (and then I chase the next one)

(2018) I’ve run this 5K course more than a few times; I know we have more than a few blocks to go. I know this threshold I-might-puke-now feeling well, but this threshold is new. I try to ignore the time on the clock, the pace on my watch, the heart nearly beating out of my … Continue reading I see the finish line (and then I chase the next one)

Lesson Learned: Respect the Niggle

The pain appeared gradually, barely noticeable at first. In the beginning, it truly was nothing more than a little soreness. Just something requiring a little extra TLC. But the soreness lasted for days, and as the mileage increased, soreness evolved into pain.

It was supposed to be easy…

Lane 9 Project May Writing Prompt: It was supposed to be easy... One mile. Slow, careful, calculated. Just one mile. It was supposed to be easy…but it wasn’t. Anxious, hesitant, and excited, I strided out of the driveway and descended down our dead end road. I took a right at the intersection and a left … Continue reading It was supposed to be easy…