Let’s Get Real

November 8th, 2016. It was a dreary day, literally and figuratively. After a long, somber workday, I rushed off to a local coffee shop to meet an area dietitian. We were meeting so I could interview her and fulfill an assignment for a grad school class of mine. Frankly, I was not looking forward to it. Not … Continue reading Let’s Get Real


When you listen to your body

L9P Community and Ambassador Post: Sara Scinto I had just passed the 20 mile mark of my first marathon, the longest I had ever run; I was suddenly overcome with emotion as I realized I had not one hint of bone pain. I didn’t even wear shin sleeves for the race, which had become a … Continue reading When you listen to your body

The Ticking Clock

L9P Community Post: Nancy Carlson As runners, we know all about watching the clock. You know the pace you must run to crack that half-marathon barrier and how much disappointment you feel when your stopwatch records the extra few seconds you were hoping to shave off. As a woman, I am also regularly reminded about … Continue reading The Ticking Clock

When What’s “Healthy” Isn’t Healthy At All

L9P Community Post: Grace Jemison I’ve always been good at being “good.” I enjoyed talking with adults when I was a child. I wanted to read chapter books by the time I was four. I was the star of the kindergarten plays. By the time one hits middle school, expectations are set about what it … Continue reading When What’s “Healthy” Isn’t Healthy At All

For recovery, I took a break from running

L9P Community Post: Kathleen Hernder, RD My story with running is a bit of a complicated one. If you were to ask me about running ten years ago when I started, I would have told you I ran because it made me feel good. That’s true now. But, I started running in University because I … Continue reading For recovery, I took a break from running