Who are we?

Heather Caplan, Co-Founder

Heather is a registered dietitian and running coach. She primarily works with active women, helping them address, treat, and recover from hypothalamic amenorrhea and eating disorders, or entrenched beliefs about diet and health. Heather takes an anti-diet approach to sports nutrition, incorporating the principles of intuitive eating in her nutrition coaching. She’s also a runner, mom, writer, and host of the podcast, RD Real Talk.

Alexis Fairbanks, Co-Founder

Alexis is a teacher and run coach. She also has a strong passion for health and received her master’s degree in Health Promotion Management from American University. Alexis was a collegiate runner and continues to chase big goals at the half marathon and marathon distances. Her perfect day is a morning run, followed by plenty of coffee and cuddles from her 110 pound lap dog, Troy.

Samantha Strong, Co-Founder

Samantha is a student, writer, and coach. She is currently pursuing her Masters in Public Health with a certificate in Health Humanities and Ethics in Denver, Colo., where she is also a running coach. When she isn’t studying you can find her climbing, running, and frolicking in Colorado’s mountains, often making airplane noises.