Promoting women’s health through education, advocacy, and community.

We believe there is power in community. The Lane 9 Project is a community of active ladies and lady health activists committed to raising our voices about issues including body image, women’s health, eating disorder recovery, and sport. We want a loud, strong, evolving conversation about the prevalence of eating disorders and amenorrhea amongst female athletes — girls and women of all ages and at any level of endurance or competition. We want to bring a voice, a movement, education, and hope to active women. We’re happy to be talking.


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Rest Takes Guts

  Our culture loves extremes. We have extreme sports, foods, diets, vacations, houses, and fitness trends. We also have extreme work ethic and with that comes extreme praise. But what else does an extreme work ethic come with? It comes with extreme fatigue, stress, burnout, and anxiety. Some extremes, say skydiving, can be fun and … Continue reading Rest Takes Guts

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