The Lane 9 Project Ambassador Program

As you’ve heard, we had an “off-site” a couple of weeks ago (which actually means we commandeered the local coffeeshop for a day of brainstorming, dreaming, and strategizing). We pondered how to expand the Lane 9 community beyond our backyards in Washington DC. How can we provide a safe space for women across the country — or dare we say world — to find their tribe and share their stories? Musing over our respective iced coffee, latte, and tea, the Lane 9 Project Ambassador Program was born.

Community is powerful — and we’re here to help you build your tribe.

When we launched Lane 9, our focus was honed in on education and awareness. While those two things remain key to our vision, our reach only extends so far without you. Our group runs in DC have been a refreshing way to connect with active women, meet our supporters, and provide support. We know that needs to go beyond DC—you’ve asked us for a run in your city! We can’t physically provide that ourselves, but someone can.

As the project evolves, one thing is clear: we need a virtual and a physical tribe. We want you to have both. With the Lane 9 Project Ambassador Program, we aim to provide women the opportunity to foster a local tribe — to create a safe space for active women to come together and share stories in their own backyards.

Here’s how it works:

A Lane 9 Project Ambassador is a local representative of our movement and growing voice. Ambassador responsibilities are simple:

  • Host monthly gatherings (exercise optional) with your local community. This could be a group run, ride, hike, swim, yoga session, coffee, dinner… you do you!
  • Provide a safe space for local women to come together, share stories, and find their tribe.
  • Share your community with the Lane 9 Project! Send us group photos, updates, requests, or come visit us in DC. Tag @Lane9Project anytime you can, to help us all help more women who need to know they’re not in Lane 9 alone!

Interested? Apply here: L9P Ambassador Program Application

Have additional questions? Send ’em over to

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