Share you Story: Lane 9 Project Writing Prompts

We believe there is power in sharing our stories. Whether they be stories of triumph, hardship, fear, or humility, there’s something powerful in discovering our truth through the written word.

With some inspiration from Oiselle’s Run-Read-Write Party in March, we’re sharing monthly writing prompts to help you share your story. Here’s how it works:

We’ll provide a prompt each month (the first is below!) and you can use it how you like. Each prompt will have some writing guidelines, but you do you. We’d love to see what you’re writing — share it with us on social media, in our virtual community, or as a contributing post on our Medium Page. If you’d like your writing to be featured, send it our way for consideration.

Photo: Kelci Alane Photography

May Prompt:

It was supposed to be easy…


Start a timer for five minutes. Get your pen going as soon as the timer starts, and see what happens. Just keep writing .No judgment, no erasing, no going back. “Stay in the room.” When the timer is up, you can keep going, leave it unfinished, rip it to shreds, or come back to it later. Write your truth. You don’t have to share this with anyone (but you can share it with us!).

Come write with us!

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