Rest Takes Guts

  Our culture loves extremes. We have extreme sports, foods, diets, vacations, houses, and fitness trends. We also have extreme work ethic and with that comes extreme praise. But what else does an extreme work ethic come with? It comes with extreme fatigue, stress, burnout, and anxiety. Some extremes, say skydiving, can be fun and … Continue reading Rest Takes Guts


April Community Essay: Release

This month, as I recover from my latest race, I’m focusing on releasing myself from the comparison trap that's so easy to fall into. I'm ignoring the 21 miler I saw someone recovering from the same race post to Instagram today and the half marathon PR posted by someone else. Instead, I'm doing what’s best … Continue reading April Community Essay: Release

Community Essays: What I’ve Gained

This is a collection of essays from our community in response to our February writing prompt "What I've Gained". We received many submissions this month, so please note that although we were unable to include them all, we've read and been touched by every single one.  By Calesse Smith Since truly committing to recovery, I have … Continue reading Community Essays: What I’ve Gained