Asking For Help: Am I Thin Enough?

I never sought help for my eating disorder. I never thought I was never thin enough. Growing up, I was surrounded by thin images, weight loss diets, and Lifetime movies depicting eating disorders. I watched gymnastics, and I remember writing a mini-research report in middle school about a gymnast with an eating disorder. She was … Continue reading Asking For Help: Am I Thin Enough?

The danger of ‘sick enough’

I suffered in silence and I recovered alone because in my mind I was never “sick enough” to ask for help. As I began to share the story of my eating disorder, I grappled with what to call it. I struggled to call it an eating disorder, not because I was ashamed but because I … Continue reading The danger of ‘sick enough’


L9P Community Post: Mary Johnson The pressure was constant. It started in kindergarten: You’re not mature enough to do reading class with the first graders. Then 2nd grade: You’ll be a camel in the nativity play because you’re not small enough to be an angel. 5th grade: You’re not cool enough to play with us. … Continue reading Enough