Learning to Choose Joy

by Megan Llewellyn Joy is resting when your muscles are too sore to move. Joy is happy hour drinks with friends. Joy is being able to eat pizza late at night with girlfriends. Joy is enjoying takeout with your partner. “No days off. I’m the girl who takes no days off”. This is the mantra … Continue reading Learning to Choose Joy


 The epidemic in women’s distance running and what it did to me

by Emma Zimmerman Amelia Boone, multi-time obstacle course world champion has just left treatment and gone public about her twenty-year battle with an eating disorder. She has broken four bones in the last three years. In 2018, Hannah Fields, professional middle-distance runner for Brooks, took a three-month hiatus from training to receive treatment for her … Continue reading  The epidemic in women’s distance running and what it did to me

Controlling the Demon

This is an anonymous post written by a Lane 9 Project contributor. Names have been changed to respect the privacy of family members. “I’m not Emily! I’m not Emily!” Brett screamed hysterically over and over again until I moved my backpack, my books, and physically removed myself from the room. Suddenly...everything had changed. Brett needed … Continue reading Controlling the Demon


What if we started finding one single thing every single day that brings us joy and appreciate it for that moment? The sound of a baby's laugh. The color of the sunrise. Find something that you normally wouldn't pay attention to, let alone acknowledge, and allow it to bring you joy.