Running toward healing

This post is contributed by Polly Balogh, running the ninth lane in Sahuarita, Arizona. I can’t recall a time when sports or running were not a part of my life. My love/hate relationship with running began when I was 11 years old. Isn’t it hard to love something so much, but not want to do it, … Continue reading Running toward healing

Finding Resilience

This is part of Lane 9 Project’s essay series; an anonymous essay of recovery, reconnecting with yourself, and running. We welcome all forms of expression, story-telling, and connecting. If you want to share, anonymously or otherwise, we want to help. The day before the Drake Relays steeplechase, I went out to dinner with my teams’ throwers. … Continue reading Finding Resilience


L9P Community Post: Mary Johnson The pressure was constant. It started in kindergarten: You’re not mature enough to do reading class with the first graders. Then 2nd grade: You’ll be a camel in the nativity play because you’re not small enough to be an angel. 5th grade: You’re not cool enough to play with us. … Continue reading Enough

How trail running is helping me recovery from my disordered eating

L9P Community Post: Leandra Bitterfield “Holy shit, this is delicious!” No, I’m not eating a thoughtfully prepared plate of food, or even a basket of French fries. There are no white tablecloths, or even forks and knives. In fact, I am at an aid station at mile 15 of a trail marathon, and I am … Continue reading How trail running is helping me recovery from my disordered eating

The Ticking Clock

L9P Community Post: Nancy Carlson As runners, we know all about watching the clock. You know the pace you must run to crack that half-marathon barrier and how much disappointment you feel when your stopwatch records the extra few seconds you were hoping to shave off. As a woman, I am also regularly reminded about … Continue reading The Ticking Clock