Filling the Void: From athlete to unknown

L9P Community Post: Chloe Davis, MS, RD, LDN, CSN How to bridge the gap between athlete and active. Managing nutrition, mindfulness and movement in times of transition. If you can think back to elementary school when a teacher assigned you to use words that described yourself, what words did you pick? Fast forward to college, … Continue reading Filling the Void: From athlete to unknown

Running with PCOS

L9P Community Post: Anoush Rose I can’t remember a time where I was unaware of my size. I grew up in a family of very small women, and I distinctly remember going from a size double 0 at Limited Too to having bigger curves than any girl in my grade by age 13. I started sneaking … Continue reading Running with PCOS

Finding Resilience

This is part of Lane 9 Project’s essay series; an anonymous essay of recovery, reconnecting with yourself, and running. We welcome all forms of expression, story-telling, and connecting. If you want to share, anonymously or otherwise, we want to help. The day before the Drake Relays steeplechase, I went out to dinner with my teams’ throwers. … Continue reading Finding Resilience


L9P Community Post: Mary Johnson The pressure was constant. It started in kindergarten: You’re not mature enough to do reading class with the first graders. Then 2nd grade: You’ll be a camel in the nativity play because you’re not small enough to be an angel. 5th grade: You’re not cool enough to play with us. … Continue reading Enough

When What’s “Healthy” Isn’t Healthy At All

L9P Community Post: Grace Jemison I’ve always been good at being “good.” I enjoyed talking with adults when I was a child. I wanted to read chapter books by the time I was four. I was the star of the kindergarten plays. By the time one hits middle school, expectations are set about what it … Continue reading When What’s “Healthy” Isn’t Healthy At All