This is (my new) womanhood

Part 2 of Lane 9 Project co-founder, Heather Caplan's essay contribution for our August writing prompt, "This is womanhood".  “Tell your husband to go to bed and get some sleep. One of you should be rested,” she said. I was in labor, and apparently in labor, you get no rest. Instead, my instructions were to … Continue reading This is (my new) womanhood

I’m glad I know my “baby weight”

I stepped on the scale and, on impulse, looked down to see the number. I was in for an early pregnancy test, and curious about my baseline. Where were we starting? What did I weigh? I wouldn’t have known otherwise, because I threw the scale away almost a decade ago. Ten years ago, I stepped … Continue reading I’m glad I know my “baby weight”

It doesn’t get easier, but it’s still there

If I had only waited one more day, the run would have been completely different. (Or, so I told myself.) It was one of those VERY DC summer weekends—by which I mean, suffocatingly humid and oppressively hot. These are things a pregnant body—well, my pregnant body—does not agree with. I had a handheld water bottle. Those 10 … Continue reading It doesn’t get easier, but it’s still there