Finding Resilience

This is part of Lane 9 Project’s essay series; an anonymous essay of recovery, reconnecting with yourself, and running. We welcome all forms of expression, story-telling, and connecting. If you want to share, anonymously or otherwise, we want to help. The day before the Drake Relays steeplechase, I went out to dinner with my teams’ throwers. … Continue reading Finding Resilience

Preparing to Adventure

My hands slipped on my sweaty quads as the sun dotted the trail through the trees. Mud-stained calves strained on the incline, and not a word was said. Rocks scattered the trail, and as we turned the corner, hoping for a reprieve, an audible sigh was heard behind me. The climb continued. We moved forward — upward — rhythmically, … Continue reading Preparing to Adventure

From the Worst Marathon of My Life to the Best

On Sunday, I ran my sixth marathon. According to the clock, it wasn’t a personal record, but I consider it my personal best. Rewind This time last year I was finally admitting to myself, after at least two months of denial, I was injured. I had managed pain through Boston training and was able to … Continue reading From the Worst Marathon of My Life to the Best

26.2 Miles of Lessons: From Hopkinton to Boston

This isn’t the Boston Marathon story I hoped I’d be telling, but that’s okay. It’s a Boston Marathon story, and that in itself, is a privilege. This time four years ago my collegiate running career was coming to a close. I was unhappy, tired, and despised running. As I walked across campus one picture perfect April … Continue reading 26.2 Miles of Lessons: From Hopkinton to Boston