January Prompt: I Weigh

What I weigh is so much more than a number, it is all the beautiful people, things, and challenges that make me a whole and worthy person.

Community Essays: My Self Care Resolution

Submissions from the Lane 9 Project community, in response to our December writing prompt "My Self Care Resolution".  By Calesse Smith This year has been a year of saying  Yes to some things, and No to others. Sometimes, it seems easier to say yes to everyone and everything because to say no would be letting … Continue reading Community Essays: My Self Care Resolution


What if we started finding one single thing every single day that brings us joy and appreciate it for that moment? The sound of a baby's laugh. The color of the sunrise. Find something that you normally wouldn't pay attention to, let alone acknowledge, and allow it to bring you joy.

9 Miles with Runner, Writer, and Coach Mario Fraioli

Mario has been on our radar for a while. Last summer, we had the opportunity to run some miles with Mario, where we talked all things running, racing, training, and body image. You may know Mario’s name from his weekly newsletter the morning shakeoutand his past work and writing with Competitor Magazine. In addition to his writing, … Continue reading 9 Miles with Runner, Writer, and Coach Mario Fraioli

Meaningful resolutions

It’s that time of year again. Gym memberships are on sale, detox recipes grace the cover of every “health” magazine you see, and everyone and their brother is vowing to work off the holiday guilt and make this year the year they lose those last ten pounds. Year after year millions of Americans resolve to “get … Continue reading Meaningful resolutions