Transparent Healing

Listening to episode 103 of Christy Harrison’s Food Psych Podcast with Gloria Lucas, founder of Nalgona Positivity Pride as I ran on Tuesday, Gloria said something that deeply resonated with me. “I think that’s one of the downfalls about eating disorder media, eating disorder awareness media, is that there’s always a before and after. It’s always portrayed as ‘okay … Continue reading Transparent Healing

REST for rest’s sake

The saying goes something like “you gain fitness when you rest,” so athletes are routinely encouraged to rest up. It’s part of your fitness-gaining! Don’t skip it! And don’t wait until you’re injured to rest—it’s part of injury prevention! When I worked with a running coach, my full rest days were few and far between … Continue reading REST for rest’s sake

This is what recovery looks like (for us)

“Marathon training run: Done! Earned my Christmas feast!” “Out for a run on Christmas Day–miles before meals amiright?!” “Twelve miles on Christmas Day! Time to go enjoy my pecan pie!” -Instagram, (potentially) ruining your holiday relaxation since 2010 I didn’t run twelve miles on that Christmas Day. In fact, I wasn’t able to run any miles. … Continue reading This is what recovery looks like (for us)