Falling Short Does Not Mean Failure

The lesson I’ve learned is that success comes in many different forms. Some forms of success just happen to attract more praise and recognition than others.

A Letter to Coaches

by Kara Bazzi Dear Coach, Let’s get reacquainted. I know there’s been some tension in our relationship and I’m hoping we can clear the air by getting to understand each other better. This is what I assume about you: you are doing your best. period. I also assume that some days you probably enjoy the … Continue reading A Letter to Coaches

This relationship doesn’t have to be complicated

My relationship with running mirrors my relationship with my body: a circuitous journey of love, hatred, passion, and distrust. Running has been taken away from me many times — countless bone injuries, some mysterious niggles, and a couple episodes of burnout outline this relationship. This, however, was the first time I’ve made the choice to step away from my running shoes. It wasn’t easy, but it was worth it.

It was supposed to be easy…

Lane 9 Project May Writing Prompt: It was supposed to be easy... One mile. Slow, careful, calculated. Just one mile. It was supposed to be easy…but it wasn’t. Anxious, hesitant, and excited, I strided out of the driveway and descended down our dead end road. I took a right at the intersection and a left … Continue reading It was supposed to be easy…