Community essays: This is womanhood

Essays for our August writing prompt, This is womanhood , by members of the Lane 9 Project community. To keep up with our next prompt, join our newsletter!  --- --- --- --- By Kassandra Dalton "I'm not sure when I became a "woman".  It's been a label I've been reaching for since my early teenage years. … Continue reading Community essays: This is womanhood

This is (my new) womanhood

Part 2 of Lane 9 Project co-founder, Heather Caplan's essay contribution for our August writing prompt, "This is womanhood".  “Tell your husband to go to bed and get some sleep. One of you should be rested,” she said. I was in labor, and apparently in labor, you get no rest. Instead, my instructions were to … Continue reading This is (my new) womanhood

I see the finish line (and then I chase the next one)

(2018) I’ve run this 5K course more than a few times; I know we have more than a few blocks to go. I know this threshold I-might-puke-now feeling well, but this threshold is new. I try to ignore the time on the clock, the pace on my watch, the heart nearly beating out of my … Continue reading I see the finish line (and then I chase the next one)